The story of IN ECO environmentally friendly paints


IN ECO environmentally friendly paints were developed due to the need to provide the necessary maintenance for historic and natural buildings.

We embarked on the project in 2000 inspired by the experiences of experts of old Scandinavian houses as well as young painters, who after attending a course on eco paints in Switzerland and gaining valuable knowledge and skills, did not want to go back to using regular plastic and toxic paints.

Since then, we have organised training for both amateurs and experts in Estonia and Finland under the trademarks of Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation and Majatohter with the aim of helping those who care about the environment make and use their own natural paints properly.

Natural paints comprise ingredients that are known to be safe for human health. By now, natural materials have proven their benefits and we wish to share our discoveries with a wider audience. IN ECO was created with the mission of ensuring that safe and environmentally friendly paints are affordable, easy to use and available to all those interested.

Advantages of IN ECO natural paints over plastic paints

IN ECO was created with old buildings in mind and also partly because using modern plastic and toxic paints entails a number of aesthetic, technical and health problems. Plastic paints created interior surfaces covered in a film of plastic, resulting in moisture damage and mould. By fighting mould in our homes with toxic chemicals, we are also putting ourselves and our loved ones at risk.

Today, the question of whether or not we need so much plastic and synthetic materials is particularly pertinent. There is already an overabundance of these materials in the world and we still continue to produce more. But it is possible to live without these substances. We do not need more plastic, we need a healthy living environment that would be safe even without toxic chemicals and expensive devices. Our objective with IN ECO paints was to develop paints that were completely safe for both humans and the natural world as well as fully compostable, making them kind to Mother Nature.

What does IN ECO offer?

We offer clay paints which are mainly suited for interior spaces. Our paints are primarily made from clay and chalk and can be tinted with mineral or fully natural pigments.

IN ECO paints are not only VOC-free, non-toxic and plastic-free, but also breathable (have a low steam diffusion value) and good at moisture control. Therefore, these paints work beautifully with other natural materials that have moisture-regulating properties such as clay and lime plastered surfaces. They are, however, also effective on regular plasterboard and plastered surfaces of prefabricated and block buildings.

Our homes and buildings form a whole where each layer is important in its own right. IN ECO clay paints enhance and balance the indoor environment in a natural way, allowing us also to feel better in these spaces. Clay as an ancient building material is known for its excellent properties: antistatic, porous, regulates both humidity and temperature, and helps to neutralise toxins in the air and thus improve air quality.

Using clay paint is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to protect our own and others’ health as well as our environment.

Tarmo A. Elvisto

Creator of IN ECO natural paints